New Carmen Linares album out!

I’m very happy and proud of having had the opportunity to play drums on the new Carmen Linares album “Verso a verso” dedicated to the great Spanish poet Miguel Hernández. “Verso a verso” is the first studio album by “The Queen of Song” in 9 years since “Raíces y Alas”, released in 2008. Naturally all the lyrics are by Miguel Hernández and there are two of Spain’s greatest singers at the moment, Silvia Pérez Cruz and Arcángel singing as guest artists. The arrangements are by Pablo Suárez, Salvador Gutiérrez and the artist herself and the album is recorded and mixed at Stateroom Studios by the engineer and studio owner Oscar Herrador.

The official release gig was in Circo Price, Madrid on 26th of January.  You can hear us play the new material also in:

Festival de Jeréz, Jeréz de la Frontera (Spain): 26th February

Majadahonda (Spain): 11th March

Orihuela (Spain): 18th March

And there will be more dates coming soon…

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New Joonas Widenius Trio album out!

The Trio’s second album, titled Arktik Traktor Konspirazy is officially out today 30.9.2016 on Rockadillo Records. We had a blast recording this at Global Music Centre Studios, Helsinki, Finland with the great engineer an person Ilari Suonpää and we are really proud to have the great collaborations by magnificent artists, the Jazz Piano great Iiro Rantala and Ilkka Heinonen, a master of a Traditional Finnish Bowed Lyre called Jouhikko. As far as it goes to drumming, I´m really happy to count with such a nice instruments as Saari Drums and Dream Cymbals on the tracking of this album. They both really suit to natural acoustic environment and always respond so naturally in different musical situations.

The Finland Release Tour will include the following gigs:

28th October, Oulu, Tuba

29th October, Rovaniemi, Korundi

30th October, Ylitornio, Kunnantalo

1st November, Kajaani, Koutasali

2nd November,Tornio, Kerho

3rd November, Kuopio, King’s Crown

4th November, Ylivieska, Akustiikka

5th November Vaasa, Doo-Bop

6th November, Äänekoski, Wille

6th November, Jyväskylä, Vakiopaine

7th November, Kotka, Kairo

9th November, Helsinki, Etnosoi Festival, Koko Jazz Club

10th November, Rauma, Brummi

12th November, Turku, Sibelius Museum

14th November, Mikkeli, Mikaeli

I hope You will enjoy listening to Arktik Traktor Konspirazy and come to see the gigs!!!

Album teaser video:

More info:


Happy New Year 2016!

Happy New Year to everybody! In my case the year 2016 will start with an interesting one month trip to Finland to work with some great musicians and dancers. First we’ll start the long waited recording sessions for forthcoming Joonas Widenius Trio album at Global Music Centre Recording Studios in Helsinki. Just after the sessions there will be some days of rehearsal and the premier of a new dance piece by Aho & Lundén Company. For me it will be really interesting to perform that piece, because it´s not only about playing some percussion, but I’ve also written some of the music on that piece.  After the premier I’ll have an opportunity to have some days off and visit my family in Tampere area and then it will be about returning to Helsinki  to work with Compañía Kaari & Roni Martin in Helsinki Documentary Film Festival called DocPoint and Helsinki Flamenco Festival. So it’s going to be a really inspiring beginning for the year 2016. I’m just hoping it will not be too cold up there in the North…

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